Whether you got some issues with your DDS3 Tape or perhaps just a single DAT whereas, you don’t have any extra tape drive to back them up or perhaps to restore something, it is obvious that you need a help of a tape media data conversion expert. In most cases where the legacy system can no longer be supported, the only option that you have is to migrate the system for backup.

However, this will vary depending on the compatibility of the new system. Often times, this can only be done by huge scale data tape media conversion companies that have the technology and the right devices. The task may require a lot of time and expertise. Also, the complex the data is, the more costly it may require.

Discovery Support And Litigation
Large tape media data conversion companies will adhere the regulatory compliance to produce digital copies when it comes to dealing with discovery support and litigation. Therefore, you as a paying customer should always be aware of this compliance. Always ask for policy, agreement, and never hesitate to ask your concerns. In this scenario, the IT experts will have to catalog each tape processing the data.

What To Expect?
Even your system is under the best conditions, keep in mind that there will be some problems that you will encounter and develop. In some cases, the mainframe itself or perhaps the minicomputer is failing. It is perhaps a human error which someone changed the archive tape formats such as ARCserve.

One of the common reasons is the incompatibility of the system itself. It is perhaps the devices which no longer supported on the format of the files. Decay is another common cause particularly the magnetic tapes.

Turn Liabilities Into Assets
Migrating your older tapes and files can turn your liabilities into assets. Regardless if you are operating a bank, national archives, company’s data, school data center, or perhaps you are operating in public utilities,  tape media conversion can provide you the peace of mind you need. Whatever happens to your older tapes and files, you know that you got some backups.

There are plenty of ways on how to save your data. You can send the tapes to the processing service, or you can hire an expert to drop by to your site or office, or you can simply get a license with the DPS software and let your staff do the working.