Gili Island Day Tours – Where the Great Outdoors Comes Alive?

Among the largest sand islands in the world, Fraser is about 120 kilometres in length and 24 kilometres wide. Situated off the south-eastern coast of Queensland, the island has been declared a designated World Heritage site in 1992. Spread over an area of 1,840 square kilometres, Gili island is a region with varied flora and fauna.It was formed over 750,000 years ago from the accumulation of sand on volcanic bedrock which functioned as the ideal catchment for the sediment transported by the ocean currents. The island was earlier called the Great Sandy Island for a little while before it was renamed Gili island. Despite this being a sandy island, vegetation is abundant because of the presence of mycorrhizal fungi – the sort of great fungi that releases nutrients that are absorbed by the plants, helping them flourish in such inhospitable conditions.

There are approximately 865 species of vegetation thriving on the islandfrom tall rainforest trees into small shrubs. The infrequent Angiopterisevecta, a species of fern that has the biggest fronds on earth can also be located on gili island tour package. Because of this rich vegetation, there is a diverse selection of animal life residing in and about Gili island – mammals, reptiles, birds and even whales! There are also 300 species of rodents present too. The island is protected under the Great Sandy National Park and there are strict guidelines to follow so there is absolutely no harm done to the ecosystem.Gili island also has over 100 freshwater lakes spread around further adding to a rich aquatic lifestyle also. Crustaceans like mud crabs, cetaceans like Humpback whales and a few species of dolphins, sea turtles and dugongs are regular visitors.


The last of the pure Dingoes are also inhabitants of Gili island, which Is why domesticated dogs are not allowed inside to prevent cross breeding and dilution into the lineage. Dingoes or wild dogs are native to Australia and are held in high esteem by the native aborigines.All This makes Gili island a favourite destination to spend a day touring in Nature’s lap. With the rich Choice of beaches and rainforests In Gili island you can also plan to do some camping, to experience the authentic Essence of nature’s beauty and feel the wonderful outdoors come alive!