Solar Panels – An Introduction

Solar energy is getting more popular and is seen as the best choice of alternative energy available today. A solar panel is made up of many photo voltaic cells that are connected together. These photo voltaic cells have the unique capability of converting the light energy to electrical energy. This is because of the photo voltaic effect. Most of the solar modules use silicon based crystalline modules. For a panel to be effective, the placement has to be planned right. There are many companies which have staff who are trained to install these systems. It is thought that a roof that looks out to south is best suited for solar panel installation. Only a properly installed system can provide good efficiency and low wastage and low maintenance costs. There are a variety of types of solar panels that are available to people across the world. A higher percentage of the panels are made using a crystalline form of silicon.

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The type of silicon used varies in different types of panels and is often the chief differentiating factor. It is possible to get the panels to be integrated to the building. These kind of panels are often more expensive but they look more like tiling on the roof. Some panels save the electricity bill in indirect ways. For instance, instead of generating electricity, there are panels which are built solely for heating up water in the water tank or to heat up the water in the swimming pool. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of solar energy, there are many takers who are interested in fitting their homes with PV panels. It is also seen recently that the value of a house with solar systems in place is higher. There are a lot of solar companies in singapore that offer home solar panels. It is possible to get the panels installed through monthly payments. You can also generate electricity through these panels and feed back the generated electricity to the supply grid and make money.