How to apply for EDG?

Consider applying for something like the  edg grant singapore in this year to help your firm grow. It isn’t as difficult as it appears! Below you can find complete information about how an individual can apply for the enterprise development grants in Singapore.


  • Determine if you are established and functioning in Singapore if you really have a least of thirty percent local ownership and whether you are economically sustainable to finish the project.
  • You must choose the project genre to which you wish to apply. It is a choice between core competencies, creativeness and productivity, and access to markets.
  • Every section contains project information to assist you in properly scoping the project topic. Ensure to download the proposed project forms to help you with your project submission. For further information regarding your project, contact the SMEs organizations.
  • It is critical for the firm’s initiatives requiring consulting services to hire consulting firms. The consultants must hold a Singapore-recognized certificate. Attempt to locate relevant vendors to assist with your company’s endeavor.
  • It is critical to highlight that EDG promotes new initiatives which do not produce money in your company during the grant proposal. If indeed the venture amount has been paid and the vendors and service operators have entered into a contract, the project is considered to have commenced.

You are expected to offer specifics on the estimated numbers that will be generated as a result of the implemented project. Hope the information was informative and useful.